Life Is Like A Jigsaw Puzzle Poem

At times low to sad. Half a picture does not make a whole.

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We begin to glimpse our direction and what once was a puzzle to us suddenly becomes clear.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle poem. Each piece so very different. May be chaotic and unexpected. Though they are all interconnected.

When we try to piece together all the pieces of the jigsaw something always seems amiss. Each part of your life each experience in your life each person you meet each accident that happens to you is part of the divine picture of your life part of all God-created lessons you need to learn for the sole and single purpose of finding your way of love HOME in your life. Life is a jigsaw puzzle Its not always fun and games Life is what you make of it And nothing ever remains the same.

Thousands of little uniquely shaped Pieces needing to be connected to form the whole picture. I like to think of my jigsaw puzzle as a masterpiece and I hope all of you think of yours the same way. Gods-plan gods-sovereignty gods-will puzzles-of-life.

Yes Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Life is a puzzling puzzle which puzzles us like a puzzling jigsaw. Like a jigsaw puzzle life is a journey where pieces come together from.

Are well planned out and controlled Other portions of our lives. Where ever you are at in your life right now is either a long way from where you will finish or a long way from where you started. A Jigsaw Puzzle Life is like a jigsaw puzzle full of many pieces.

It may be a simple puzzle with a hundred different pieces or it may be a more complicated thousand-piece puzzle with a picture thats rather tricky to put together. Jigsaw puzzles take time to put together and so does life. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle.

Marriage is like a puzzle Sometimes the process is enjoyable and relaxing sometimes it is frustrating and challenging but it is always time-consuming. Piece by piece we p a i n s t. He lives by mending.

Life is a jigsaw puzzle Its not always fun and games Life is what you make of it. For some the pieces fall right into place but for many others its a struggle trying to figure out where each and every piece should go. Recording all the happy.

The good times and the bad. With each piece we placed with care built on sweat and tears. Life is a jigsaw puzzle.

In many ways life is like in the poem Life Is A Jigsaw Puzzle. Consider for a moment that your life is a puzzle. Maybe it is part of a bigger plan maybe it is hindsight but what was once the big mistake we thought wed regret forever becomes the lesson that taught us compassion the cherished friendships carefully nurtured over the years holds us close when crisis strikes and the unsuspecting detour leads.

Read Julia West julesx 64 poemOnce they stood alone the Jigsaw puzzle pieces – now slot together Their once separate lives now meld tightly Forever. Half a picture does not make a whole. Our past present and future.

Certain times of the year. Mine may not seem like a masterpiece to others but I dont care. All that matters is that it seems like a masterpiece to me.

Gods will is like a jigsaw puzzle you wont be able to see the whole picture until all the pieces are together Danny L. In Part 1 I was talking about life as a jigsaw puzzle and I quoted the author Eugene ONeill who said Man is born broken. Each piece a part of life.

That is life and that is the way life is lived. Lifes a three hundred and sixty five day jigsaw. That is composed of many intricate pieces Though Some parts of our lives.

And fall into place. Life is like a jigsaw puzzle of wonderment and unpredictability A questionable quandary of perplexity Yes we may have the fragments Infront of us supposing they are all there. We built foundations strong to last and met up in the middle.

That were all fiddling around with different pieces trying to figure out how to. If you combine your strengths you could eliminate your weaknesses and the puzzle would fit perfectly together. At times it can feel overwhelming fitting all of the pieces together but with the proper guidance any puzzle can be solved.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle. The analogy that everyones life is a unique jigsaw puzzle that we are blindly building is the perfect way to explain so many fundamental things. But join together in the same way.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle.

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