Banana Cherry Apple Puzzle Answer

Twenty-seven fruit themed word cards – pp. This emoji math problem has over 2 million comments on Facebook and is getting coverage in mainstream media and blogs.

Apple Banana X Orange Banana Viral Fruits Math Puzzle Maths Puzzles Logic Math Brain Teasers

Orange Orange Banana 18 2 Orange 18 Banana 2 Orange.

Banana cherry apple puzzle answer. Which does not belong. On the surface it would seem the apple has a value of 10 the bananas a value of four and the coconut a value of two. There is only 1 cherry 5.

The Viral Banana Orange Pineapple Cherry Fruit Brainteaser Puzzles Question with correct answer. Apples Bananas and Cherries There are sixteen plates laid out in rows and columns in a square pattern on the table. Java is a high-level programming language and is platform-independent.

Banana 15 Equation 2 2 Cherry 2 Cherry 20 Cherry c 2c 2c 20 4c 20 c 5 Cherry 5 Equation 3 Apple Apple 8 Apple a a a 8 a 4 Apple 4 Equation 4 Banana Cherry x. And if that were the end of the story the answer would be 2 10 4 16. It was developed by Sun Microsystems.

My answer is 25 apple 7 grapes 5 7 12 apple 1 banana banana 7 1 6 so the total should be 7 12 6 25. 1 Green Apple 4 Using BODMAS rule calculate multiplication before addition So the equation becoms. 15 5 x 4 15 20.

Can you figure out this Facebook fruit. Banana Banana Apple 02 2 Banana 02 Apple 2 Banana 02 10 2 Banana 12 Banana 122 Banana 6 Equation 3. There are 3 Caterpillar so.

The fruits icon used in this puzzle name as. 3 apples 30 so 1 apple 10. 10 10 20 So 2 Cherries 10.

The answer is on the surface not terribly difficult to find. 4 4 8 So 1 Green Apple 4 Equation 4. There are a lot of applications websites and games that are developed using Java.

1535 so 1 Leaf set of 5 5 1 single leaf 1 Now Lets find the value of Caterpillar. Can you solve this Fruit Brainteaser Puzzle. A A A A 20 1 A A B B 22 2 B S C A 18 3 S C S B.

10 2 bananas 18 so 2 bananas 8 and 1 banana 4 4 – 1 coconut 2 so 1 coconut 2 Therefore 1 coconut 1 apple 1 banana. It gets confusing because of the fruits so we replace fruits with letters as follows. Each row and column has one empty plate one plate containing an apple one plate with a banana and one plate with cherries.

Therefore 1 coconut 1 apple 1 banana 2 10 4 16 However if you look a little closer at the problem you will see that 16 is not the right answer scroll down to find out why. Apple A Banana B Cherry C. Apple A Mango M and.

Apple Grape Banana Cherry Pear. The Caterpillar Apple Leaf puzzle answer is 15 Caterpillar Apple Leaf Puzzle Solution Lets find the value of Leaf first. The banana is the only one that must be peeled before eating.

Java is a collection of objects. 15 5 x 4 Here 1 Banana 15. 15 15 30 So 1 Banana 15 Equation 2.

3-11 The fruits included on word cards are. No plate contains more than one type of fruit. Best Logic Math Puzzles Pictures.

Think about how you eat these fruits. Apple apricot avocado banana blueberry cantaloupe cherry coconut fig grape grapefruit kiwi lemon lime mango orange papaya peach pear pineapple plum pomegranate pumpkin raspberry strawberry tomato and watermelon. So the equations would look like.

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